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Please Read What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

"I was visiting friends in Seattle and developed a painful tooth issue. Dr. Chavez saw me right away, explained things clearly, and did a great job fixing the tooth. He also gave me a photo and x-ray of the tooth to give to my home dentist, so he can see what Dr. Chavez did. ....I was in and out so fast! The staff is super friendly. ...as is he! :) No complaints! Plus, from what I understand, all of his staff see him for their dental care as well. That says something.

So thankful and blessed by this experience. :) " -- Shana M.

"Dr. Chavez's office is located in a cozy, converted house right on 15th Ave NW. Some people might be put off by the circa 1970s dental equipment. Ok, I confess, I was put off by it. But dang, they get the job done with their ancient equipment. It might be old, but it all works just fine.

I love Dr. Chavez. You can tell that his clients are 90% children. He's soooo friendly, and he gives out "pretty flowers for pretty ladies" after he fixes your teeth. The other dentists and dental assistants at his practice are also very nice and competent.

I've gotten routine cleanings, a root canal, a gold cap, and 4 wisdom teeth removed (one impacted and needing surgery) here, and I'm very pleased with the results." -- Marian M.
"Dr. Chavez was recommended to me by a friend. It is a quirky, caring bunch at the office. There is a fireplace in the waiting area. I appreciated greatly that they allowed my to pay off bills in increments when I had no insurance." -- Amber W.
"The service I got at Dr Chavez's office was second to none. I first saw Dr. Betsy R. Mosquera (aka Dr. Rozie) -- she is so bubbly and made me feel right at home. I loved her upbeat personality, which is not what you would expect from a dentist. When she finished cleaning my teeth, Dr Chavez came in to have a look as well, but before he got started, he gave me a flower (sweet!!) and just chatted at leisure about stuff. I have never just chatted to dentists... they are always hurrying between patients (usually waiting in the dentist's chair in the next room!)

After my treatment with both of them was completed, I was half waiting for him to shoo me out the door, but he took a seat and he, I and Dr. Rozie continued chatting for a few minutes. I really appreciate them paying all that attention to me instead of making me feel like a number. I will definitely be going back.

My mouth feels great and the service was superb all the way!!" -- Nazma D.